Welcome to Hardin County Solid Waste

We would like to Welcome you to the Hardin County Solid Waste website. We hope you find this website informational.

For recycling bins or a schedule please contact us by clicking this link or calling us at 641-939-5808. Additionally, if you could leave us the name of the town, address, and telephone number, we can drop off the bins right to you. For your convienence, we now have our asbestos form online. Click here to dowload/view the form. From there, you can print the file.

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

- Native American Proverb

Hours of Operation

Hardin County Waste Management is open Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM to 3 PM.

Hardin County Waste Management will be closed for the following Holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Half of Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. We will not be picking up any recycling for those days or parts of days.
If your recycle pickup falls on one of these days, look in the local newspaper or call us. Alternatively, you can contact your local city hall.

Meet the Staff

Joan Meet the woman behind the scenes. Joan Seaton works as our Director and is the grease that keeps the wheels of Hardin County Solid Waste Recycling running. She's been with Hardin County Solid Waste Recycling since June of 1997. When calling, chances are, you'll be talking to her. She does everything from office work to running the scale, and at times even goes out on the route to help pick up recycling. She's certified for Special Waste, and is certified by the IDNR as a Licensed Operator. She is one of the people that you would need to speak with in order to make an appointment to dispose of your household waste; such as oil based paint, paint thinner, mole killer, or any other chemical waste that is not accepted by the landfill.

Steve Steve Trusty has been employed at Hardin County Solid Waste Recycling since June of 1996. He is either either on the route picking up your recycling in the Curbsorter, or on the cardboard route picking up recycling in the Packer from various businesses.He's certified for Special Waste.

Curt Curt Schipper runs either the curbside or commercial routes. He is certified for Special Waste. Curt has been employed with Hardin County Solid Waste Recycling Since 2003.

Tim Tim Sprain is the van driver. You'll see him on the Commercial Route Picking up from places like the Redemption Center in Iowa Falls, Hy-vee in Eldora, Elisa's Patio Cafe in Ackley, and even many of the local schools. He's been employed with Hardin County Solid Waste Recycling since October of 2004.

Bill Our "main man" in the back room, Bill O'Neal is the main person responsible for keeping the recycling, brought in from the drivers, sorted. He's been employed with Hardin County Solid Waste Recycling since 2005.

Phil Another of our curbside drivers is Phil Wallace. You can usually find him either driving the Ford or the Curbsorter on our residential routes. You may find him on the Commercial Cardboard route as well. He's been employed with Hardin County Solid Waste Recycling since April of 2007.

Michael Michael Barnsdale is the designer of this web page. If you have any questions or concerns about this site, please feel free to call him at 641-373-4700

Don Don Schable is our Back Room Lead Operator and runs either the curbsideor commercial routes when our normal route staff are on vacation or sick. If you have any special needs (such as an extra pick-up for cardboard) or concerns regarding the routes, you'll want to talk to Don regarding this. He's been employeed with the recycling center since 2008.

Don Susan Engelking can be usuall either be found on the scale or working in the office with Joan. She's been employeed with the recycling center since August 2009.